Our Story

As all has a story, we have our own too, Trust Partners has long history of sharing success and creativity, the company which has been born in 2009 as a real estate management & marketing, the company in few years become

one of the leaders in the industry with highly experienced agents.

Over the past five years, the company entered the real estate development & investment field, with highly international standards & modern products. In accordance with community requirements & following the vision of  2030 for a better future. In cooperation with one of our companies that specialized in construction and general contracting (Knowledge and Planning Company).

This is our story this is TPP . . . When experience meets imagination 

Vision and Goals

We believe in our leadership and their vision, with passion for continuous development. And preserving the values and principles, through providing products that combine the Saudi architectural design & the modern design to enrich the society.

CEO Word

At Trust Partners our aim is to create more joy and happiness for the Community. Besides that, we are keen to provide the community with the family desires and dreams to give them modern life.

We are also proud of being one of the first companies that managed to pass the qualification standards of the Ministry of Housing in the field of real estate development under Certificate No. 2130885115 dated 06/01/2021, and that we have the experience and knowledge to study the reality of the market and its needs.

We have a huge experience and knowledge to study the Saudi consumer needs and the Ability to evaluate opportunities for our customers in all real estate industries.

In the light of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 with the support of our government

In the residential sector we are racing against time to provide more high-quality Residential products with an optimistic view for the future.


Our Business

Over the past few years, TPP has been able to gain the trust of many of those it has dealt with through its continuous success in marketing and managing more than one hundred diversified real estate projects in Dammam, Khobar and Dhahran. From 1500 units in addition to leasing services, which exceeded our signed contracts, for areas exceeding 300,000 square meters in each of the trade fairs and administrative offices, in addition to educational, health and other services.
At the present time, in Trust Partners, we continue to deliver its message by offering more than 250 completed and under construction housing units, in addition to leasing and operating many major projects in Dammam, Khobar and Dhahran through our exclusive representation of many prominent companies, real estate funds and businessmen.

Why you choose TPP ?




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