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Frequently Asked Question

We are pleased to share with you a set of frequently asked questions regarding real estate, the answers of your questions may be available on our website. We suggest you start your search here to find easy answers quickly.

What is TPP ?

It is a company - Trust Partners Real Estate - specialized in real estate and working in the field of development and marketing for third parties. Its headquarters is in the city of Dammam in the Eastern Province.

What does TPP offer ?

Trust Partners Real Estate offers a range of commercial and residential projects owned or managed by the company for third parties.

Is the reservation fee refundable?

According to the real estate policy and contracting mechanism.

Can the buyer make a modification to the internal structure of his villa / residential unit?

Yes, this can be done, provided that it does not conflict with the exterior design of the villa, and for an additional amount.

Do you build for others?

Trust Partners Real estate does not build for others, but this can be implemented through one of our subsidiaries: Knowledge and Planning Company.

Does TPP offer warranties on its products?

Trust Partners Real estate provides documented and certified guarantees by the suppliers and contractor executing the project, and each client obtains these guarantees during the process of receiving the housing unit.

What is meaning of the Golden Key?

Trust Partners Real estate offers the Golden Key to clients of their projects, which means a full guarantee and maintenance for the first year starting after the transfer of ownership of the property and after that will be through suppliers or competent authorities.

Do you have financing solutions?

Yes, we offer integrated financing solutions through agreements signed with banks and finance companies. We also offer the best options compatible with the client's request.

Do you accept Tanmeyah Box Real Estate Fund?

Yes, we accept it by finding supportive financing solutions to complement the value of the unit.

Does Trust Partners Real Estate offer installments for their residential units?

No installments are provided for housing units, but financing solutions are offered to those looking for housing.

Can I pay in installments?

There is almost always a payment plan in installments until the completion of the projects, and the first payment ranges between 20% to 40%, depending on the project. In some cases, there is an installment system even after the projects are completed, and there can be installment payment plans for completed projects as well.

Do I have the opportunity to sell my property before the project is completed?

Depending on the project you purchased from, you can sell your property during the construction phase, there may be 2% or 3% commission that must be paid to the developer if this is mentioned in the sales contract in some cases.

Who determines the price of the property?

If you are buying a property in a new development area, the price will be determined by the real estate developer, regardless of the real estate agent's commission. You must pay the same price with any party you purchased through, if you bought directly or through a third party.

How can I see the available projects?

By visiting the website or social networking sites, or by visiting any of the company’s marketing and sales sites, or by calling the phone number : 0138345335

What are the official accounts of the company in social networking sites?

Twitter and Instagram @TPPSAUDI